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Time Flies

Wow, so it just sunk in that I've been away for over two months now and haven't posted one blog update! Somehow I think that the general alcohol consumption in college is not really conducive to remembering important things. That being said it does make for a lot of interesting stories… although, for the sake of conserving the dignity of my friends and myself, I won’t go into too much detail. I have had so many amazing experiences already and it is hard to pick just a few to talk about, but I'll give it a red hot go!

I always say "it's the people that make the place" and being here I am really discovering how true that is. Although it’s only been a few short months, I have already met so many different people and feel pretty lucky to call many of them my friends. Without these people it’s safe to say that I would be having a pretty shit time. We've been on a lot of adventures together- our weekend in Yellowstone national park and our road trip to Canada to see the legendary Sticky Fingers have been two massive highlights. With these people, even the most mundane activities like shopping for groceries are never boring and can spontaneously evolve into a Monday night sangria sesh which ends in all of us singing heartfelt renditions of "Dancing Queen" along with the Mamma Mia movie.

Speaking of singing, I haven't forgotten about that. I bought a new LAG guitar a couple of weeks after I arrived and have been practicing at pretty much every opportunity. The problem with this is, once I start playing I can't seem to stop… There has been more than one occasion where I have lost track of time and missed class, so I'm trying my best to avoid that. Though I have to say it was worth it as I did come up with a new song on one of those days and I'm currently working on getting a finished version out to you guys - so stay tuned for that!

Other than that, I promise that I will try to be a better blogger! Writing words in coherent sentences can be a struggle for me so I usually try to avoid it; but you know what, you guys make me want to be a better person so for you I'm going to make it happen.

Mardi xx

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