A raw and authentic one person show, Mardi Wilson is making waves in the industry with her unique alternative folk style and emotive lyrics. From an early age, Mardi enjoyed writing lyrics and poetry but was introduced to the world of music when she started drumming at the age of 12. Now, Mardi now incorporates guitar, vocals and foot percussion into her live performances.


Mardi has spent many months touring Australia. In between shows in capital cities and regional towns, Mardi would hop between campsites in her home on wheels, gaining inspiration and connecting with nature. More recently, Mardi has been gigging locally and working on recording her debut album, her latest releases being just a taste of what's in store.


An energetic and captivating solo performer, Mardi is constantly inspired by the people in her life and her natural surroundings to create music that continues to resonate with audiences as she travels and plays.

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